Gluten Free BCN is created by TESORO FUTURA also known as WigglePatrol and Animal Stitches. 

Never be confused.

Who is WigglePatrol? What is WigglePatrol?

Inspired by pups with wiggling nubs, WigglePatrol is the moniker of an artist who creates  collage, mixed media, sculpture (tiny), drawing, printmaking, graphic design, video production, and now web design. Nothing is ever the same twice. It is impossible for WigglePatrol to replicate a style or piece because every inspiration comes as a fleeting moment that must be seized upon before it is lost forever.  The universe sends forth ideas in the ether, and the urban decay provides materials for this artist to create some freaky pieces.  Mind bent while you vent, that’s a promise.

Ambergris Studios

Video Projections and Music Videos


la mar 1

Ambergris Studios is a design and video production house started by WigglePatrol and Animal  Stitches. They specialize in collaging the randomness of life and the internet into mind bending journeys through the colorful, pixilated world of the simulation. Glitched to perfection with a hint of sublime reality, their video style is sure to rock your party.

Music Video: La Mar by Dreckig

Video: Freaky Test Press

Video: Synchro System


What about Animal Stitches?

A musician that started out studying piano, moved on to 1993 inspirational Hip-Hop, later inspired by the skwinks and skwonks of electronics around the world, Animal Stitches blends soundscapes like you’ve probably never heard.  With a love for the intro, etherial aural essence, and beats to move your feet, his music comes from beyond our dimension. It is hard to pinpoint a specific genre to a sound so unique. Check it out for yourselves.

animal stitches



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