Walk towards the light of knowledge my gluten-free friends!


Gluten Free BCN has been around since 2013, and is slowly on its way to becoming the most comprehensive resource for finding gluten-free products in Barcelona (and its surroundings).  We have discovered many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores that cater to the needs of those with food allergies, and look forward to sampling and reviewing all of them for your future knowledge! But be patient, we don’t like to write reviews after just one visit.  We take our time to visit, and revisit all of the places we recommend.  This way, you can be assured that the places you want to go are still active in the GF movement.  (If you find a place that we have reviewed that is no longer open, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know in the contact section, thanks a mil!)

Besides enjoying food, we also make art and music.  Just yesterday I took an online quiz, What is the best job for you?,  and after 31 questions asking me if I prefer this over that, I was told to be a Sculptor.  Guess what?!  I graduated with a degree in Sculpture in 2006… a coincidence, or is the internet tracking me?? We hope to use this website as a platform for us to share our creative energy with you also.

Check out some of our art here.

See, I was into large scale sculptures even when I was a kid!

We are Cole and Jamie, international transplants with transplants living the good life in Catalunya, Spain. We like to remain incognito in a world of ever increasing surveillance. We are inspired every day by our surroundings, nature, and nub tails that greet you when you come home from work.  Being gluten free can be a pain, but we have lived in many places with way fewer options than Barcelona has.  We a extremely grateful to be here!  Thanks for reading!  We hope you enjoy!

jamie liger


cole and giant ape

tungtung 1
This website is inspired by the one and only, Tung Tung.




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