Hello Celiadictos, Good-Bye Gluten Addiction

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, we have been able to find some new and exciting bakeries around the greater Barcelona area that we might not have noticed before.  This place called Celiadictos kept posting some amazing photos of crusty loaves of bread, the kind that will help anybody get over their gluten addiction.  We had to try it!

facade celiadictos

Located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, not too far from Camp Nou stadium where the world renowned Barca football team plays, this 100% dedicated gluten free bakery has a locals only vibe. They are off the beaten tourist path and have no seating. It is a bakery in the traditional sense, where all items are baked there, and you take your goods to go.

This small shop has been in business for about 3 years and has a lot on offer.  All of their items are out on display, from the table of treats with muffins, coffee cakes, and other Spanish style pastries to the peek-a-boo doorway into the baking zone, bread rack and cake cooler, you can see all of it in one glance. For such a small place, they do have a lot of variety to choose from, and the woman who was working kindly explained it all.

goodies table

Whenever we go to a new place, we like to sample a classic treat that we have tried at many other bakeries. Its important to have a baseline from which to judge the newbie. In this case, we opted for the baked apple and custard pastry (3.50€) in addition to a slice of lemon poppyseed coffee cake (2€) and a slice of zucchini bread (2€).  Unfortunately, compared to other bakeries in Barcelona, we found these items to be rather dry.  The flavor was good, and I bet that if you got the items freshly baked they would be moist, but they seemed to have been past their ‘best by dates’.  They did, however, have a big pile of freshly made buñuelos for the Carvaval season. I wish I had tried one!

Buñuelos are thought to bring you good luck if eaten.

But don’t forget, the REAL reason we were at Celiadictos was to get some of that bread we saw on their Instagram page.  I saw dreamy visions of a rack full of rustic baguettes of varying weights and sizes, crusty round farm style loaves, and sliceable sandwich loaves with seeds or without.  The different styles of bread and their ingredients were thoroughly explained to me, and I was told that the seeded loaves had seeds baked throughout, not just on top. Before selecting which loaf I wanted, I asked the prices.  When she told me 6.95€ for a sandwich style loaf she must have seen my look of financial desperation in my eyes, because immediately after, she mentioned the smaller baguettes cost around 2€. Of course by 3pm when we were there, they were all gone.  We mulled it over, and after much deliberation opted for the seeded buckwheat and rice sandwich bread, unsliced.

As soon as we got home, we could not resist tearing right into the bread. It was dense and spongy, moist and fresh – just like what I think I remember regular homemade bread tasting like.  We couldn’t stop. We were Celiadicted!   We bought smoked salmon and made the closest thing we could to a GF bagel. Even our friend who does not eat gluten free said it was really good, but felt bad for eating a 7€ loaf.   It was an indulgence for sure, but its worth it to treat yourself sometimes.


From their reviews online, most people seem to rally around the bread at Celiadictos. For us, and in comparison to other bakeries in Barcelona, the price/quality ratio needs to improve in all areas. Maybe we chose the wrong day to go – a Tuesday, and they are closed on both Sunday and Monday – but one would hope that for such costly items, they would strive to always put out the freshest baked goods.  We would definitely go back again for the bread if we happened to be in the area.



Address:   Carrer de la Pobla de Lillet, 5, 08028 Barcelona
Phone:   934 09 31 31 


Tues – Fri: 10AM – 8PM 

Sat: 10AM – 2PM

Sun – Mon:  CLOSED

Website:    http://celiadictos.com/

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.32.18 PM

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