UPDATED – Baci d’Angelo – Patisserie in Clot

Located in the Clot neighborhood, just 2 blocks from the Metro station that bears the same name, is an interesting little cafe called Baci d’ Angelo. Open for a little over a year now, this family run business is starting to make a name for itself among the Coeliac community.

baci front

As owner Filippo described, they did not start out as a gluten-free pastry shop, but developed into one over time.  It started shortly after they opened when they were asked to bake something special for their son’s birthday celebration at school.  There were multiple students in Angelo’s class with dietary restrictions, so they decided to cater to their needs by creating a dessert without gluten, eggs, or dairy.  After receiving positive reviews about their experimental cake, they decided there might be a demand for this type of product, and continued to bake allergen free goodies.

Now, with their own mixture of gluten-free flours, they are creating some very interesting products, many of which are impossible to find freshly baked any where else in the city. Some of their specialties include croissants, a variety of muffins and cupcakes, fruit tarts, as well as many other flavors of cake.

baci croisant

baci cake 1
Fresh fruit tarts, oh my!
chesse cake de lima y choc blan
Lemon, white chocolate cheesecake!

Unfortunately, due to their daily production, not all of these things are available in the shop every day, or sometimes not until the later afternoon.  It is best to call and ask what they have before making the trek out to Clot.  They do, however, have a website that lists all of their products, most of which can be made gluten-free. You may place an order there for next day pick up or delivery.  Simply put your allergen information in the observation box below your order, and they will make everything fresh. Find the link listed below.

Besides baked goods, Baci d’ Angelo also offers cooking workshops, space for children’s parties, and a daily brunch.  On their a la carte menu, they offer gluten-free pancakes and crepes, and for 15 euros you can indulge in the multi-course brunch option that includes a cocktail, juice, coffee, GF scones, eggs, and more.  As always with this shop, it is wise to make a reservation, to insure that they have gluten-free options and a table available for you.

Baci d’Angelo has potential, but as with most of the gluten-free bakeries I have found in town, the ambiance on the cafe leaves something to be desired.  Stylistically, the space could use a creative and warm touch. The day I went to check the place out, I made the mistake of not calling ahead to make sure they had gluten-free products for sale.  It was sad when I arrived after a 20 minute train ride to find only pancakes or crepes available, when I was more interested in their bakery goods.  I was not alone.  Five others came in looking for the same thing while I was there, and all left empty handed.  I was told to come back after 5, because they were baking the wheat products in the morning, and the GF products in the afternoon.  Don’t worry though, their kitchen is thoroughly cleaned.  Their products are considered to be 100% gluten-free and they send samples of their pastries to be tested for gluten contamination every 15 days.

I did return that evening, to find a nice, small selection of muffins and cupcakes.  I bought several flavors, and took them to go. The cupcakes were moist and had a nice buttercream frosting, the chocolate muffin tasted fresh, and nothing was overly sweet.  I do recommend giving this place a try, or an online order, because their food does taste really good.

Many flavors to choose from.

It is rumored that the owners are planning on opening another shop closer to the center, in the Born neighborhood, later this year. I will keep the blog updated about that situation.


The restaurant on Calle Valencia 656 has been closed.  They will continue to sell items through their online shop at www.bacidangelo.com.  Items ordered can be delivered in less than 24 hours and transport within Barcelona City is free. Communities close by have a delivery fee of 4.50€ and a minimum order of 14.90€.  They deliver from Monday to Saturday.


Tel:   933486862  or  637923969

Please call for more information.

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