UPDATED-SYNGLUTEN, Baked Goods to Take Away

As you may have noticed by the lack of information about gluten-free bakeries in Barcelona, well, it’s because they are hard to come by.  In my recent searching, I did, however, come across a little place in the Sants neighborhood that looked very promising.  Its website boasted that they make the best fresh-baked bread in Barcelona among other delectable treats like chocolate croissants, muffins, cakes, and pizzas, all gluten-free.  I placed it high on my “must try” priority list.

Classic buildings line the streets of Barrio Sants.

Sants used to be its own town in antiquity, but has now been swallowed up by the greater girth of the city. Located on the south side of Plaza Espanya, it is an area that is accessible directly by the blue metro line or the D20 bus line, and indirectly by the green and red line metros, as well as any bus that brings you to Plaza Espanya.  From the plaza, it is a 15-20 minute walk to get to SYNGluten.

syngluten front
This IS SYNGluten, don’t be fooled by the other name on the sign.


It was a lovely Saturday morning when my husband and I decided to make the trek to the bakery.  Its always good to work up an appetite when you are going to buy as many damn baked goods as your little heart desires!  When we arrived, it was hard to tell that the bakery we saw was actually the bakery we were looking for. There was a different name on the sign, the tree out front appeared to have been decimated by lightening, and inside the shop almost seemed like it was closed.  The address happened to be correct, so I ventured closer, and saw the telltale GF symbol on the window.

Upon entering, my eyes began to focus.  I saw a wonderful selection of treats that looked so, so edible.  There were croissants, muffins, cookies, baguettes, rolls, rustic loaves, donuts, and so much more. I continued my gaze around the shop, and was a bit disappointed by the lackluster ambiance that I saw.  It was dark, cluttered, and didn’t invite you to hang out for a coffee.  We decided that we would just get everything for take away.

We spared no expense as we wanted to try nearly EVERY item that was for sale.  I didn’t know what to call most of the things I chose, so I just pointed excitedly.

syngluten goodies 2
I will take that, that, and that please.
syngluten goodies
Oh and that, for sure. Make that two!
syngluten goodies 3
Wait, I can’t forget some of those as well.

There was a nice selection of fresh-baked breads as well.  The large loaves of bread, however, were all sold and waiting to be claimed.  The owner suggested to call in advance to place your order, to avoid this shortage of supply.   We were able to take some small rolls with us, and were given a sample of the baguette to taste (which was delicious and fluffy on the inside, no heating necessary).  The baked items tend to be priced by weight, and I expected my bill to be exorbitant, but on the contrary, it was very reasonable.  For over 15 items, our bill did not exceed 14 euros.

syngluten bread
Unfortunately, we did not order in advance.  This bread was already reserved.

We took our goodie bag to a nearby park, wanting to sample just a few items.  The pastries were so good that we could not stop eating!  By the end, I had a stomach ache from eating so much!  In all, I do recommend you swing by SYNGluten and take some treats to go.  They also offer take away pizzas, croquetas, and made to order cakes.  During special holidays they make the traditional Catalan baked goods like panallets, roscas de reyes, and more.  Check out their website linked below for more information.


To be honest, we have not had a chance to return to this bakery since the time I reviewed it. The place is a bit out of the way, and if we ate there everyday we’d surely balloon out of control! But… we went there yesterday (December 11,2015) to make sure it was still making those delicious goodies.  Again, the sign does NOT say SYNGLUTEN.  It was not easy to find.  The sign outside now says MASQUESANO. The owner/baker was still there churning out delicious treats though, which is super exciting! We tried some traditional Spanish things like palmeras, empanadas, a fruit pastry, and a coca (a dry, sweet bread with cinnamon and pine nuts). They were all delicious!! My husband reported back that the owner has also improved the interior of the space, making it more inviting to sit and enjoy your food there. The products are still charged by weight, so don’t be put off if the cashier can’t give an exact price for any particular item. One last note, if possible, try to preorder the large loaves of bread.  By 2pm there won’t be any left.


Address: C/Galileo nº 115, Barcelona

Telephone: 693 976 635

Website: www.syngluten.es


Summer (closed part of August, so call)

Wed- Fri     10:00-2:00,       5:00-8:00

Sat    9:30-2:00

Closed Sun, Mon, Tues

Rest of Year

Thurs-Sat     10:00-2:00,     5:00-8:00

Sun      10:00-2:00

Closed:  Mon, Tues, Weds

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.37.37 PM


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