Dietetica Gloria – Dedicated GF Shop!

Feel my feelings about this place!

I recently discovered an amazing shop just a few blocks north of Sants train station that caters to the dietarily restricted such as myself. In general, the different gluten-free options available at most of the Barcelona supermarkets are quite underwhelming, so this place is likely to breathe a bit of excitement into your diet.

dietetica gloria
Brightly lit with a big green symbol that you just can’t miss.

Its not that big of a space, but Dietetica Gloria has got a lot of products, and they are nearly all gluten-free. You can find both fresh and dried pasta in all sorts of cool shapes, pre-made meals like lasagna or canneloni, and fresh, not frozen, take-and-bake pizzas. There are a wide variety of savory items as well as desserts and cakes in the freezer section.

fresh pasta and pizza
There are fresh ravioli for the eating as well.

They also carry two varieties of bakery fresh bread. These rustic style loaves are so similar to normal wheat bread that normal gluties wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The two bakeries, Airos and Ricardera, also offer a variety of other bready delights such as foccia bread, pitas, hamburger buns, and baguettes.

airos bread
Excuse me for using a lame phrase from the 90’s, but this bread is da’ bomb!

They also make some pretty tasty muffins, coffee cake, brownies, and traditional Spanish cookies like Palmeras.  During the holidays they offered many local Catalan treats, Pannetones, and Roscas de Reyes- all gluten-free.

Don't let the plastic fool you- these are fresh!


To the right of the counter is where she keeps all the freshies – muffins, breads, brownies, oh my!

In terms of prepackaged foods, Dietetica Gloria offers quite a lot.  They have the entire line of Schar products, which totals over 35 different items, many of which I have never seen at any other shop.  There are many other brands to give a try as well.  This shop has the most variety I have found in Barcelona so far.  The prices are a little higher than at a normal grocer, but for the wide selection and unique fresh items, you can’t go wrong by stopping in.

Schar, aka Scharf in my house, makes all sorts of snacks, breads, and cereals.


Dietetica Gloria

Address: Carrer d’Entença, 175,   Barcelona


Mon-Wed-Thu  9:00-2:00 / 5:00-8:30

Tue- Fri  9:00-8:30

Sat  9:00-2:30


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.58.30 PM

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