UPDATE: A Bakery Just For Us!?!?

As many of you have probably noticed, Barcelona is not overflowing with restaurants that cater specifically to the GF Movement.   Sure the grocery stores have a nice selection of processed GF products, but what people really want is food with a homemade feel.  I was really excited when I stumbled across a 100% gluten-free bakery, Celipan.


Its located in a seemingly quiet neighborhood, up near Avinguda Diagonal and Hospital Clinic.  We went on a Saturday afternoon, around 2:00. In the future I would definitely go earlier to ensure product availability.   Upon entry, the shop was a little underwhelming.  You see their selections of baked goods behind a glass display right by the door, and they look a little tired.  Thankfully the woman working informed me that those were display pieces, and the fresh-baked items were behind the counter in storage containers.



I went to work selecting a variety of items I wanted to sample.  Being so late in the afternoon, nearly all of my first choices (loaf of bread with sunflower seeds, croissant, cookie with chocolate center) were sold out.  I ended up purchasing a loaf of pumpkin seed bread, one small baguette, one large baguette, a jelly filled cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, and a magdalena muffin. The lot, which was reasonably priced, cost me around 11 euros.  I was surprised when I opened the bag of goodies to find that they had given me a free cookie to sample.   I have to say that these baked goods tasted AMAZING!  The bread had such a nice fluffy texture, and the baguettes were perfectly crusty.  I usually toss GF bread in the oven for a few minutes, because in general GF bread isn’t that good.  BUT this bread could have been eaten fresh – no heat!  The cookies were flaky and light.  Best of all, the flour blend they use at the bakery didn’t upset our stomachs at all (and the processed stuff from the grocery store does).

Besides baked goods, there is a refrigerator case with other products.  Some of the most unique and notable are the fresh linguine pasta, gluten-free beer, and other pre-made dinners like lasagna.  The also offer cake mixes, and their own blend of Celipan flour mix. Overall, I highly recommend this bakery to anyone looking for a freshly baked GF fix.  If you decide to stay and have a coffee at the shop, there is a nice loft seating area upstairs. Don’t go expecting a French Boulangerie, because you will be disappointed.  Do go expecting some tasty breads and cookies.

UPDATE:  I tried to go to Celipan last week, and unfortunately couldn’t find the shop! I don’t know if it has moved or closed for good.  I do know they still sell Celipan products at Dietetica Gloria (see blog post about this shop), so all hope is not lost.  I will do more research about this and continue to update it as I discover what has happened.   Friday, March 14, 2014.

Celipan Bakery  

Address: C/Londres, 26    Barcelona


Tues – Fri  9:00 – 14:00 / 16:30 – 20:00

Sat   10:00 – 15:00

Sun – Mon   CLOSED

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