New Beginnings

My husband and I both realized we were intolerant to gluten in 2009.  We were living in Mexico and had religiously converted to eating corn as our main form of starch.  Bread and all other wheat based foods were inadvertently eliminated from our diet, which to my husband’s delight, caused his indigestion to completely disappear.  My skin had been prone to acne and my stomach always was in knots, this too went away when we took wheat out.   Since then, we have never looked back or even missed gluten.  We were able to find new, inventive ways of cooking traditional meals and baked goods.  In Mexico we didn’t have access to gluten-free flour mixes or pre-made products, it all was invented on the spot!

rio beck
My favorite spot in Calakmul, Mexico.

We moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2012.  We arrived not knowing if we would be able to find any GF products at the grocery stores or restaurants.  We were prepared to always cook at home if needed, but were pleasantly surprised that the Spanish cuisine is full of gluten-free options.  What is disappointing, however, is that there is no easy to use, comprehensive database of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, or shops that cater to our needs.   This blog has been created as a resource for people who live here, or a just passing through,  and need to know their options!

Now to try it in the city for a while.

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